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  • iScienceSearch is the Internet search engine for chemist
  • search by structure or identifier (name, CAS Registry Number, AKos number, Smiles, etc.)
  • search for suppliers - more comprehensive than Google
  • automatic search for multiple synonyms .... more

The largest glass property database SciGlass 7.7 contains data for more than
  • 360 thousand glass compositions including more than
  • 16 thousand halide and about
  • 35 thousand chalcogenide glasses.


AKos ChemInformatics and Biochemfusion developed a inhouse chemical database system based on RDKit and PostgreSQL. This is a multiuser system ...more


Programming knowhow:

Oracle, SQL Server, ACCESS,.Net, Webservices, Microsoft, Web programming,Chemoinformatics, MDL, ChemAxon, Scilligence, GGA, RDKit, KNIME...more



is a free Chemical information System to load (Register) and search SDFiles by structure on your own (Published) website or computer...more


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for comments on Internet search engines and chemoinformatics issues. 


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