Presentation for the Companies Day

The company AKos ChemInformatics provides programming services. We have 2 very experienced programmers.

Some of our projects turned into products that we offer free or charge on the Internet. 

We develop web applications. In contrast to Google we develop search engines that cover special areas of interest.  2
We developed a method to quickly combine many URLs into one search application. The system at the Messe Basel will be released to the public, soon. 3
A more sophisticated application is iScienceSearch. If you looking for a chemical question that can be expressed in a single word, i.e. a name, a concept, iScienceSearch gives you probably better answers than Google.  4
You can draw a structure or substructure. You can search by substructure only in a limited number of databases. 

If you add your identifier in the text box of JDraw, you get suggestions. 

Don't forget to click the search button. 6
We extend your search, by searching for the most important synonyms, the CAS Number, and the full structure.

One search generates hundreds of searches that are processed parallel. This is all very quick. 

AKos GmbH, my former company is always on top of the list, and you can order screening compounds or building blocks. 8
iScienceSearch is especially useful for buying research samples. 9
You also can search full text systems. 10
There are many very extensive and useful chemistry databases on the Internet. We hope we cover the most important ones. 11
In case of a text search, you might want to have a full text and not only an abstract and a link to a publication that you need to buy. 12
A query like "higher order kinetic" consists of several words, and the native searches can often not handle this very well.

We have a solution for this, and will implement it.

Google searches everything, combined native searches cover areas of special interest. 14
New topic: Chemical databases on the Internet. 16
Try the free system. 17
All you need is a SDFile, and you can start immediately. We check the SDfile for errors. The screenshot shows the results of the upload. 18
After uploading your SDfile, you can search. It is simple to add this search button to your own web page. 19
The screenshot shows an existing application. 20
We can use Proteax to visualize peptides and structure modified peptides better than using the full structure representation. 21
Our free products can be modified to your requirements. 22