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Die Internet Suchmaschine für Chemiker

Eine Suchemaschine um mehr als 100 Millionen chemische Strukturen am Internet zu durchsuchen!
iSciencesearch ist das "Google" für Chemiker und man kann mit Strukturen, CAS Registry Nummer oder einem Trivialname suchen. Eine "Erweiterte Suche" gibt innerhalb Sekunden die Struktur, IUPAC Namen, Trivialnamen und in vielen Fällen die CAS Registry Nummer zurück. Diese Suchbegriffe kann man in IscienceSearch für eine unfassende Suche weiterbenutzen...more

The Internet Search Engine for Chemists

Chemical search engine to search through more than 100 million structures on the Internet.
iScienceSearch is the "Google" for chemists and allows searching the Internet by structure, synonym and CAS Registry Number. An "extended Search" returns structure,  CAS Registry Numbers, the IUPAC Name and known synonyms, trivial names and brand names within seconds. In a subsequent search these results are used to currently search more than 100 free chemical and pharma relevant databases on the Internet..more

CWM Lead Finder  - Save the rats! Test less - predict more!
Find compounds that have the
same biological profile
, but not necessarily the same structure... more

Database of Phase Diagrams - Now you can get a license at to access the collection of over 3500 ternary evaluations via the Internet. One evaluation is derived from many literature references, sometimes these references number more than 200. Specialist have reviewed the literature and offer you not information but KNOWLEDGE!...more
Download SDFile Viewer - this is a small utility to view SDFiles or other very large files. You cannot open such large files in Notepad. This tool was provided by Dr. Peter Zbinden.

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  Personal Chemistry Client (PCC) - a software to search browse and print data from SDFiles. It is free!
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  Proteax® - protein analogs made easy

Biochemfusion's Proteax software suite makes it easy to handle modified proteins and protein derivatives. Use Proteax with Microsoft® Excel® or Oracle® databases to register and analyse your protein structures.

The chemically-aware Proteax engine enables you to work with post-translationally and chemically modified protein sequences. Protein data can therefore be transferred directly to bioinformatics tools, chemistry tools and to and from mass spectrometry instruments.


  We use software of ChemAxon (  





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