Your issue:

·         You want to sell more compounds.

Your customer’s problem:

·         If the customer does not know exactly know what he wants, he is unable to find similar compounds.


·         Enable structure searching on your homepage.

What do we offer?

·         Search YOUR data in YOUR home page by exact structure, substructure and similarity.


 What is required from you?

·         Go to the Internet page http://isciencesearch.com/chemrpsregistration/ and upload an Excel file with CAS Registry Number (required), product number (optional) and one compound name (optional).

·         Add a “structure search” button in your homepage that links to http://www.akosgmbh.de/chemrps/chemrps.html. Note: This only requires to put one line into your homepage. No other changes to your existing homepage are required.  

We will build a structure database using your CAS Registry Numbers using the structures in PubChem. We make your data searchable with our Chemical Registration and Publishing System (ChemRPS), or through PubChem. We let your customer search in your data for two month. After two month we provide you with the number of structure searches. This is all for free. 

Benefits: After two month you can see how many of your customers used a structure search to find products on your homepage. You then can decide if you want to continue. There are then several options. You still can host the structures and search page with us, or PubChem, and send us from time to time new files, or, you host the structure system yourself. Dependent on what you need the cost range from 1000 Euro to 5000 Euro per year.

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